One Spark - EP

You know what it feels like
To see how the moon dies
Fading away like a ghost
Into the cold light
You know what it feels like

Who would have thought I’d be
Losing all of myself
I’m on my knees
I’m so easily
Falling under your spell

The day you've been waiting for

Long weary sail to an end has come
Sunset is near and he’s all alone
Right by the door of your lovely home
Right now he’s hoping for so much more
This is the day you’ve been waiting for
Waiting by the shore

The sky is full of stars

Out Of Sight

Somewhere deeply within
I hope this storm will go by
Where you at where you've been
Slowly going out of sight

So hard to withstand
But we have to be tough
We don't need to pretend
We should fight for our love

One Spark

One spark
And the flame will flare up
Burn out
Want this place to burn out

Fall Asleep

I’m not gonna fear
I’m gonna fear not
Trying my best with a definite shot

When you’re ready to fall asleep
I’ll be near to hold your hand
With a promise I want to keep
I’ll be there to guard your dreams
In the moment of sympathy
Everything becomes so clear
And I’m telling you honestly
I enjoy being here