On-The-Go is indie-pop band from Russia. On-The-Go belongs to the set of new Russian musicians, who make the western-influenced music – western not by content, but by the performance and record quality.

Content of the On-The-Go music is a mesmerizing combination of local background, quest for the new sound and Russian authentic melodies backed by refined arrangements, thought-out sound produced by Max Makarychev and distinctive lyrics written by his brother Yura.

On-The-Go started in 2009 with a self-titled LP which secured band position on top of russian music market. Since then they played with Keane, She Wants Revenge, Patrick Wolf, Autokratz, The Horrors, Stromae, The Bug Pink and others. In 2011 On-The-Go supported Hurts on their tour after releasing well-known “In the Wind” music video and “Gym Session” Live video which marked the new era for the band.

At the end of 2012 the band released its long-awaited LP «November». But this time the band didn't hesitate to record the next album and «Young Hearts» LP was released in spring 2014 establishing On-The-Go as a rising independent force. On-The-Go music has no pronounced ethnic identity, it has melodies, feelings and charms of something that has come from very different and alluring part of our planet.

Band members

  • Yura Makarychev — vocals, percussion
  • Maxim Makarychev — guitar, vocals
  • Evgeny Merkushev — keyboards
  • Dima Midborn — bass guitar
  • Gregory Dobrynin— drums


  • 2008 — Two Weeks Is Not Enough EP
  • 2009 — On-The-Go LP
  • 2010 — In The Wind Single
  • 2010 — In The Wind Remixed EP
  • 2011 — One Spark EP 
  • 2012 — One Spark Remixed EP
  • 2012 — November LP
  • 2013 — Keep Pretending Single
  • 2013 — Brother Single
  • 2014 — Lifeboat Single
  • 2014 — Young Hearts LP
  • 2015 — Wake Up Call Single
  • 2015 — In The Morning Single